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REMOTE START GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE or Wrap it up & give it to them, we’ll install it after the holidays.

Nothing beats pressing a button and having your vehicle warmed up and ready to go, Its absolutely the greatest convenience on a cold winter day not to have to run outside in your pajamas and start your car, or scrape your windows. This year give the ultimate gift, or treat yourself. HP Racing Inc is an authorized DEI dealer so we have the support, and the resources to handle anything. And right now we are offering some pretty hot deals.

Every year, Beginning on October 1st and running through March, we will be running our Annual Winter Remote Start Special. This is your opportunity to save big on the best names in the industry, Including Python, Valet, & Hornet, Avital, and Viper. And best of all no more waiting for the frost to thaw on your windshield while you freeze waiting for things to heat up.


Most Vehicles w/o Bypass

We Guarantee Our Prices Will Not Be Beat!!

The term “2-way” defines any remote start or alarm system that actually sends a signal back to the remote letting you know that the vehicle has been started, or turned off. This feature is great especially if your car is not visible or parked far away and you want to be sure that it actually started.The term “1-way” Simply means that when you push the button to start the vehicle the remote will send the signal to the brain located in your car but the remote will not receive a confirmation as it does with the 2-way,. which is fine since most people just listen for the car to start in the driveway.

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Some vehicles may need a bypass Interface to over-ride the factory anti-theft ignition system (chip in the key), and for factory keyless entry and door locks to work without the factory transmitter, relays are often needed. These charges are extra and are not included in the price of the systems above. Some vehicles may require extra labor as well. you will be made aware of these charges up front, before any work is started on your vehicle, Unlike a lot of the BIG BOX stores that might advertise low prices, and then sell you the starter in the showroom, then send you around the store, back into there install bay to talk to a technician who then finally tells you that you also need to purchase bypasses, relays, interfaces and, oh yeah, you have to wait 2 weeks to have it installed since they always overbook. At HPR you’re satisfaction is our number one priority. And that is why if anyone can beat our prices installed, with bypasses and any other part needed to complete the install, we will honor that price GUARANTEED!!